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Messages From The Past

Messages From The Past

Vintage Cotton Reel - DIB

Both images are vintage treasures! The 1st image is of some antique post cards about 100 years old. They’re topped with lavender and tied with string! They are messages from the past… a glimpse into the lives of people who lived in a very different world.

The second image is a vintage cotton reel (spool) from my mother’s sewing box. It’s well over 50 years old – they don’t make them like this any more!

4 thoughts on “Messages From The Past

  1. I’ve got lots of stuff like this, Evelyn. It comes from belonging to a family that doesn’t throw anything away! What goes around, comes around. I have some old vintage leather cases full of bits of lace and trimmings and they look so decorative in my studio – I’m so glad I decided against trying to restore them. I have old needle packets and cards with hooks and eyes and stuff like that. So glad vintage is really in!


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