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Abstract Art

Abstract Collage Mosaic - DIB

Abstract mixed media collages

Abstract Collage Mosaic 2 - DIB

Monday morning I set to work on some abstract collages for my 14.5 x 14.5 cm sketchbook. They are mixed media – mostly acrylic paint with some oil pastels and a little bit of fabric too…

I also did some watercolour samples for my sketchbook too. I love my watercolour paints and plan to do a lot of experimenting with them …

Sea Storms, Beachscapes & Sunsets - DIB

Sea Storms, Beachscapes and Sunsets

6 thoughts on “Abstract Art

  1. I absolutely love this. This is the kind of collage/fabric work I’d eventually like to be doing. Really beautiful. I love the textures, the colors, and the way you put them all together is just right. Wonderful on the eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are my favourite colours and they appear to be the trend this Spring for interior decorating. When you do work on paper, do you photograph or scan the pages. I’ve been wondering about buying a decent scanner.

    1. Thank you Henrietta – they are some of my favourite colours too. I usually photograph my art work – I don’t scan them. I can get better quality photos from my camera than the scanner. A scanner is a useful thing to have though and I wouldn’t be without one…

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