Acrylics & Gelli Prints

Gelli Prints

 Leaf Print 1 - DIB

These are some of my early experiments with my new gelli plate. It’s 6″x 6″gelli plate from Gelli Arts. I am totally in love with gelli printing! It’s such a fun way of monoprinting – I love mixing colours on the plate, creating textures, patterns and maybe even some fine art eventually…

Grey Circle Print - DIB

Blue Square Print - DIBTurquoise Square Print - DIBAztec Gold Print - DIB

The best of my gelli prints are going to be stuck into a dedicated sketchbook I’ve bought especially for them. With gelli printing you are only limited by your imagination…!

12 thoughts on “Gelli Prints

    1. Thank you – my sister (Carolyn Saxby: got me into gelli printing, she has a book called “Gelli Plate Printing: Mixed-Media Monoprinting Without a Press” by Joan Bess which she thinks is very good – I haven’t bought it yet but I will do so soon! Gelli printing is so much fun – and a little addictive… 🙂

  1. Joan Bess is one of the co-creators of the Gelli Plate. Her book is great! I bought two 8×10 inch plates, one for me and one for my kid. Then I wanted a round plate or two, but they were way expensive. So instead I (gasp!) cut up one of my plates and got 3 round ones, 2 rectangles, some triangles and a few other strip bits. Great fun!

    1. What a great idea to cut up larger plates into smaller ones! I love my gelli plate – it’s so much fun, I have so much experimenting to do!

      1. I’m bordering on the addictive side myself… I use my gelli prints for creating textures to use with my photography work (amongst other things)!

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