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Fabric Collages

Fabric Collage Macro 1 - DIB

Macro views of some fabric based collages. These are mixed media samples for a 14.5 x 14.5 cm sketchbook

Fabric Collage Macro 2

Fabric Collage Macro 5

Fabric Collage Macro 3

Fabric Collage Macro 6

Fabric Collage Macro 7 - DIB

The next few images are as they appear in my 14.5 x 14.5 cm sketchbook:

Fabric Collage 1 - DIB

Fabric Collage 5

Fabric Collage Mosaic 2

Fabric Collage Mosaic 3

I really like how my fabric collages turned out, although they did end up quite different to how I originally imagined they would. They just kind of evolved as I added more and more acrylic paint. I especially like the macro photos of my collages as they really show off the colours, textures and details better.

5 thoughts on “Fabric Collages

    1. These are actually finished collages but the first 6 images are close up photos that really show the details better. The next section of images are as they appear in my sketchbook but you can’t see the details so well. I made one large collage to begin with and then cut it up into smaller pieces for my sketchbook. I have done more collages than what appear here but I didn’t want to bore people with too many!

  1. Following some bread crumbs I found myself here enjoying your gorgeous fabric collages.
    The shimmer and glimmer and textures are all so very lovely.
    I keep going back to the white crazed shells arranged to make a pretty flower ♥ so much to enjoy! Your sketchbook must be a real delight.

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