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A New Home For My Textures

For just over 2 years now I have been sharing my collection of textures on a Flickr photostream called Texture Time. They have proved to be extremely popular – much more so than I ever imagined they would be! But the time has come for me to move them into my Evelyn Flint Photography Flickr photostream so that I can have everything “under one roof”! It will be much easier for me to keep track of everything…

Some of my textures:

Texture Time - Free Vintage Paper Textures

1. Vintage Paper 9 – FREE TEXTURE, 2. Vintage Paper 15 with lace – FREE TEXTURE, 3. Vintage Paper 15 – FREE TEXTURE, 4. Vintage Paper Collection – FREE TEXTURE, 5. Post Card Collage – FREE TEXTURE, 6. Antique Italian Post Card – FREE TEXTURE, 7. Tea Paper, 8. Old Stuff, 9. Vintage Paper & Lace, 10. Vintage Paper 1, 11. Vintage Paper 2, 12. Vintage Paper Pile, 13. Worn Vintage Paper

Just click the links above to take you to view and download the texture – the download button is the arrow symbol in the bottom right of the black photo area.

Texture Time - FREE Lace Textures

1. Cream Lace – FREE TEXTURE, 2. Layers Of Lace 1 – FREE TEXTURE, 3. Layers Of Lace 2 – FREE TEXTURE, 4. Layers Of Lace 3 – FREE TEXTURE, 5. Neutral Lace with Flowers – FREE TEXTURE, 6. Twisted Lace – FREE TEXTURE, 7. Distressed Vintage Lace – FREE TEXTURE, 8. Lacy Post Card, 9. Lacy Script – FREE TEXTURE, 10. Layers of Lace 4 – FREE TEXTURE, 11. Vintage Sepia Lace – FREE TEXTURE, 12. Blank Canvas – FREE TEXTURE, 13. Grubby Canvas – FREE TEXTURE

All my textures are FREE to use under a Creative Commons Attribution license for personal use or commercial use. I hope you have lots of creative fun with them…

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