In the post…

Some lovely things arrived in the post the other day…

Ocean Blue Heart

Some lovely art prints, a beautiful textile heart in lovely ocean blue colours and a small abstract seascape painting

all had made by my lovely sister Carolyn Saxby

Ocean Blue Heart Detail 1

close up details of the heart

Art Cards

You can view Carolyn Saxby’s  work at:

Carolyn Saxby Textiles & Photography

Etsy Shop


Please do take a look at her beautiful work…

If you do visit Carolyn’s Etsy Shop and you see something you like my recommendation is that you buy it straight away to avoid disappointment because her work tends to sell out very quickly (particularly the textile hearts)… it probably wont be there when you return… !

I hope you all have a lovely day…


6 thoughts on “In the post…

  1. I have the very great pleasure of being friends with your lovely and talented sister and have also been the lucky recipient of two of her beautiful hearts which give me pleasure every day. Your own heart is really beautiful 🙂 and beautifully photographed. Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you Julie – I love mine, I have two also. This pretty blue one is going to hang on my sitting room wall…

  2. I saw the one Carolyn made for our friend Mo and it was beautiful and of course I got to spend some time with your lovely talented sister in St. Ives.
    You really are both gifted xx

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