Erosion Bundles

Art & Beauty In Decay


On August 22nd 2016 I made an erosion bundle pictured above. It’s a stack of paper and some fabric sandwiched together with all sorts of things – random blobs of paint, tea bags, rusty objects, tumeric etc. I tied it with string and then placed it in the garden to let the elements work their magic on it. On Sunday (27th November 2016), 3 months later, I decided to see how it was doing. It was looking rather worse for wear! So I decided to bring it indoors and open it up! Would you like to see what I ended up with… ??


Those of you who have done this before will know that you have to peel the damp papers apart very carefully. When my fragile papers came apart I found I had lots of beautifully  stained, aged papers and fabric with wonderful colours and textures…

This is a more detailed view of the above picture:


Can you imagine how these lovely colours and textures will look in some mixed media art or collage?



Next is the other side of the above piece of paper:



With erosion bundles you never know what you’re going to end up with so I was over the moon to see such wonderful colours, textures and stains on my papers…

This is a more detailed view of the above picture:



This piece of indigo denim  became totally fused together with the papers that surrounded it – they are totally inseparable! Next is a picture of  the other side:




The rust apparently seeped through all the layers of paper and fabric, along with tea stains from the tea bags…


What awesome textures – the hint of green colour in the above picture is where some turmeric mixed with some turquoise paint…



Three months in my garden and these papers look like they could be hundreds of years old! Some lace has become beautifully antique looking…


Paint stained and rusted indigo denim:


The rusty items in my erosion bundle became even more rusty and were covered in paper and paint…


These delicate papers will be now stored very carefully somewhere nice and flat till I get to use them in some art. The fabrics will go into my fabric stash ready for use and the rusty items will get reused again in another project! You can click on any of the images to view them larger.

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my erosion bundle results. I really enjoy doing erosion bundles and I’ve already got some good  ideas for my next erosion bundle…

23 thoughts on “Art & Beauty In Decay

  1. The concept is new to me, and so cool….yes, you have quite a wonderful batch of colors and textures to work with now, thanks to time, water, air, um, chemistry and who knows what else… 🙂

  2. WOW, Evelyn….I had a dream (with my eyes open) that I found your weathered garden art while on one of my trash-to-collage search walks. So beautiful. Mother Nature knows what the heck she is doing, right? Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Carol – I’m glad you like my weathered garden art! I’m really looking forward to using them in a project sometime. I already have another set of papers & fabric “weathering”in my garden – I’ll check them out about February/March time!

  3. Evelyn I also love to use a process of alchemy in my creative process and use green material as a technique in my own Eco Jewelry as well as mixed media. I have never heard about this particular process and would love to explore it. Thanks for the ideas love to connect with you my email is or I am on Facebook as Joy Hellman. I would love to hear more about what you are doing I am following you now. Joy

  4. I think, Evelyn, this could become a hobby…what a great idea.
    What do think about putting an old zipper in your bundle, think of texture that would bring out!! This is a wonderful idea. What ever made you think of this, I’m curious.

      1. Thanks for your reply Evelyn, it’s appreciative when I know people are reading my messages. Have a super week, my friend.

  5. I can just imagine opening your bundle and the excitement and delight at these wonderful objects that emerge. Every piece is an artwork in its own right, but will also be great beginnings for other works. The fact that some bits have fused together to make something entirely new is another delicious element.

  6. This is too cool for words! I have started to use this as a piece of work for my GCSE work, thank-you so much 🙂

    1. Thank you Alicia – sorry I have only just notice your comment. I’m so pleased to have provided you with some inspiration for your GCSE work, which I wish you all the best with!

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