Vintage Dyed Fabrics


Vintage dyed fabrics… lace, silk, organza, jute, cotton, denim, scrim, string…


dyed with tea, coffee, acrylic paint, rust, turmeric…


Above is some distressed silk – distressed and dyed with bleach and vinegar and rust…  (it was originally cream coloured!)

All these fabric pieces look wonderfully vintage after being dyed and all of them will get used in mixed media art projects in time. It’s so useful to have a supply of vintage dyed fabrics ready for use…

4 thoughts on “Vintage Dyed Fabrics

  1. Evelyn, these textures make my mouth water. I have started a collage in my mind just now. Wish we lived closer so we could swap some stuff for our art projects. I love a touch of decay….it’s the ‘dark’ in our art, right?

    1. Thank you Carol – I love a touch of decay too and anything vintage or making things look vintage – we seem to have that in common! Looking forward to what you create!

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