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Vintage Print Sketchbook


At the same time that I bought the sketchbook in my previous post I also bought this one too! What am I like? I can’t help myself!

As you can see it has a lovely off white linen cover with a vintage print. But inside….


…. it is filled with the most beautiful thick cream coloured paper. It’s slightly crinkly textured paper with a handmade feel to it. It just lovely! It’s paper that’s crying out for some paint, ink and colour…


On the left is the sketchbook from my previous post. I don’t know exactly what I will fill these books with yet but I will know the right thing when it comes along!

I buy these books when I see them for one very good reason, even though I don’t know exactly what I will fill them with and that is because:

if I don’t buy them when I see them, they aren’t going to be there when I go back! It’s now or never! Sketchbooks like these are not run of the mill, mass produced, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

If there’s one important thing I’ve learnt in life it’s to seize opportunities when they come along – you may not get a second chance!

6 thoughts on “Vintage Print Sketchbook

  1. While drooling over these photos (which are awesome by the way), I found my right hand twitching to begin journaling in one of them – just one, mind you – don’t want to be selfish! These books are heavenly. Thanks for sharing, my artistic friend.

  2. Both of these are so lovely, Evelyn, but that beaded one is just completely, over-the-top GORGEOUS!!!
    I think it might be fun to make one of these.
    A few years ago, I learned how to book bind by hand, and making one of these covers might just have to be the next step! 🙂
    Thank you for the inspiration, my friend!
    Happy day to you.

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