A Black Diamond


A black diamond in a shimmering sapphire ocean under an aquamarine sky…

St. Clements Isle, just off the shore of Mousehole, Cornwall, UK, on a beautiful sunny day. I love the blue tones…


A very vintage and creative view of St. Ives, Cornwall, UK. I used one of the photographed papers from my Winter Erosion Bundle as a texture over a St. Ives photo. I love the vintage effect and colours…

10 thoughts on “A Black Diamond

    1. Thank you Jodi! Having photographed my erosion bundle, I have the best of both worlds – I have the original to use in art when I’m ready and I can use the photos as many times as I like… !

  1. Incredible use of the erosion bundle, Evelyn. The texture and composition were perfectly aligned. Very interesting. I’m considering making an erosion bundle, especially since we are in rainy season now. Craving some of the rusty colors.

    1. Thank you Carol! Oh do make an erosion bundle – you wont regret it – lots of layers of paper and fabric and interesting stuff in between to leave stains (raid your cleaning cupboard… !). Some of the rusty bits I put into my bundles I rusted myself by soaking them in vinegar & bleach in an aluminium foil tray! If you try this I recommend leaving it outside somewhere for a few hours as the fumes it gives off are very strong… !

  2. Clever digital use of that gorgeous paper! Even if you make physical art with it, you’ll always have infinite copies of it available digitally!

  3. Hi Evelyn, I’ve put out my erosion bundles – I’m not sure I did it “right” but we’ll just have to see. So exciting! Thanks for your visits to my blog – for some reason I can’t reply to your comments – I think it has to do with your G+ settings, but just wanted to say thanks! 🙂

    1. I’m so looking forward to seeing your erosion bundle results Zsuzsa! There is no right or wrong – you just bundle it all together and hope for the best! And learn lessons fom what worked well and what didn’t… !

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