Seaside Scenes

Dreamy Harbour View - NB

Seaside scenes ~ things you see at the seaside ~ the harbour, fishing boats, a pier, the lighthouse….


beautiful clear turquoise waters to dip your toes in….

Seaside Textures 3

lots of lovely colours and textures on the boats in the harbour ~ they all inspire creative thoughts…

Seaside Textures

Seaside Textures 2

beautiful shades of blue and rusty browns…

Boat Pile - NB

Harbour SurfaceTexture - RN

I always find lots of creative inspiration at the sea ~ there’s always a never ending supply of lovely textures and colours that blend and complement each other so beautifully…

… the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the salty sea air, seaweed scents are all so relaxing and peaceful ~ they help creative thoughts come flooding forth…

22 thoughts on “Seaside Scenes

  1. Thanks to you, Evelyn, these are becoming my favorite colors. The photo of water and old paint on the boat will be my inspirational “seed” for today. Thank you!

  2. I’m another lover of the seaside for its creative inspiration. I love how the colours become faded with the sunlight and salt water and wind, and all the gorgeous junk you can find – faded old rope, rusty metal, peeling and faded paint… My camera never stops clicking. Your photos in this post have really got my juices flowing!!


    1. Thank you Shoshi – it seems we have a lot in common! I adore the seaside – like you I love the colours, textures, seaweed, salt air, peeling paint, rust – just wonderful! It inspires much of my art and photography!

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