Woolalcombe Sands Watercolour

Woolacombe Bay Watercolour - NB

This is my very first ever watercolour seascape. It measures 15 cm x 11.5 cm and was painted on watercolour paper (140 lbs Cold Press). You can click the image to view larger. It’s a very simple seascape and loosely based on this image of Woolacombe Sands, North Devon:

Hazy Winter Beach - RN

I added a little more colour to my watercolour than what’s in the original image. I used just 3 colours – Cerulean Blue Hue, Indigo and Raw Sienna. When I took the photo the very bright hazy sunlight bleached most of the colour from the seascape.

As far as watercolour painting goes I am very much a beginner – very much to learn… ! I’ve always loved watercolour paint – I love the loose washes of colour that so readily mingle with each other, I love both the rich bold colours and the delicate pastel shades too and I love how the watercolour paint flows so effortlessly across the paper…

I have stuck my watercolour seascape into my dedicated watercolour sketchbook. And there will be more watercolour paintings in the future…

21 thoughts on “Woolalcombe Sands Watercolour

  1. Beautiful, Evelyn! Woolacombe is a special place for us because we spent our Silver Wedding there at the Woolacombe Bay Hotel. Happy memories!


    1. Thank you Soshi! I had many happy holidays there as a child with my family, I love it there and happily I now live only about an hour and a half drive away… !

      1. That’s great. It’s a bit of a trek for us to get there from the other side of the county, with Dartmoor in the way! It is a beautiful place. I am so enjoying your blog, and your enormous talent.


      1. I’ve never painted properly with watercolours before. I’ve messed about a bit with watercolours – splashed a bit of colour on paper just to see what happens – but that’s all! I’ve never had any professional lessons – but I might consider it sometime when I have the time and money… !

      2. I’ve never had a lesson either. Would sure benefit. There are many things on YouTube though that are helpful!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Evelyn, and for leaving such nice comments. I’m glad you enjoyed your Tiverton Canal trip. We did have a lovely day out there with our friends, and had an excellent lunch at the pub in the village.

    I’m glad you liked the mixed media card I made but I am sure I can’t teach you anything!!! Dylusions inks and paints are gloriously bright and messy and I always feel a great surge of creative juices when I get them out.

    Still no time this week for making art – been really busy, and today work started on the dry rot in the kitchen. The news is good, though – it’s not nearly as bad as we’d feared.

    Hope you had a lovely Easter.

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