Misty Blue Mountains

Misty Blue Mountains - NB
Misty Blue Mountains

Monochrome landscapes in indigo watercolour. Mountains interest me at the moment. Maybe it’s because I’m off to Scotland in a few weeks and we’re going to be surrounded by lovely hills, mountains and lochs…

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Peaks - NB
Indigo Blue Peaks
Hills & Valleys - NB
Hills & Valleys

I decided to keep my mountain watercolour landscapes very simple – simple shapes, shadows and colour. My blue mountains have been glued into my watercolour sketchbook. The smaller landscapes above are a mixture of Prussian Blue and Intense Blue (Phthalo Blue).

I first started to experiment with mixed media art in the spring of 2014. I bought a few books and started to try out some of the techniques. It was during this process that I very quickly discovered I love watercolour paint. However, I carried on with my mixed media experiments and it’s only now (3 years later) that I’ve made a conscious decision to develop my love of watercolour paint.

As far as art goes, watercolour painting is my first love. Whether I ever become any good at it is another matter entirely… but perhaps that’s not really what’s important. What’s important is that painting with watercolours is something I love doing and find enormously relaxing and therapeutic…

20 thoughts on “Misty Blue Mountains

  1. Lovely blues – and lucky you going to Scotland. We had an amazing trip to Skye last year, it was so beautiful and very inspiring – I only wish it was a little closer! Hope you have a wonderful trip, and look forward to seeing more of your watercolours. x

  2. They remind me of our lovely Blue Ridge Mountains in W North Carolina. Enjoy your trip. My spouse is Scottish with family there and so we love the heath, heather and hills. Can’t wait to see how the trip inspires your art colors.

    1. Thank you Carol – I’m really looking forward to my holiday, I’m in need of a break. I’ll take lots of photos and my watercolour paints will be going too… !

  3. And I love your watercolors too, Evelyn!
    The simplicity of “Hills and Valleys” is just wonderful, and as always, I love the blues.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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