Cloud & Sky Studies – Part 1

A little watercolour practice in painting skies and clouds:

Sky Studies 1 - Rain Clouds - NB

“Rain Clouds” above was painted with Paynes Gray

Sky Studies 1 - Storm Clouds - NB

“Storm Clouds” was painted with Indigo for a slightly more moody looking sky

Sky Studies 1 - Bright & Breezy - NB

“Bright & Breezy” was painted with Cerulean Blue and tiny touches of Phthalo Blue

Sky Studies 1 - Sundown - NB

“Sundown” was painted with some soft sunset shades, namely: Sepia, Cadmium Red Pale Hue and Lemon Yellow. These colours were inspired by an image in my photo archives.

I enjoyed doing these very much and I plan to do more using different colours and trying different cloud patterns. Being a seasoned photographer I have a whole heap of “sky” photos in my archives to refer to for a little help and inspiration.

I remember years ago my brother saying to me ” What ARE you photographing??” as I had my camera pointed at the sky. I happily replied ” Clouds…”, his reply was “You’re weird.. !! ” shaking his head, with that cheeky grin on his face… ! LOL !!

I’ve learnt over the years to be completely indifferent to the strange looks I get when I photograph unusual things, at strange angles. If I like the colours, textures, shapes etc. I photograph it – I’ve learnt to trust my artistic judgement and not be self conscious about what other people think…

I hope you all have a great weekend!

23 thoughts on “Cloud & Sky Studies – Part 1

  1. These are beautiful Evelyn 🙂 Wonderful shapes and colours to evoke stunning skyscapes. I’m a fellow weirdo when it comes to photographing inspiration – on more than one occasion, a kind passer-by has stopped to enquire after my well being at finding me lying prone on the ground … cue me sheepishly trying to explain that the reason I’m getting wet and muddy is to get a good angle with my camera!

  2. I think clouds are hard to capture, but you certainly did. I remember being 8 months pregnant and leaning off bridges to photograph waterfalls. I understand weird looks!

      1. For those that don’t know, Sandy was pregnant with me when she did those wild and crazy things.

      2. Thank you for your comment Karen – I didn’t know you were mother and daughter. How lovely that you both share your artistic nature…

  3. I would think by now your bro would have seen some of your amazing photos and the artwork that springs forth from your fingertips, then decide that you’re not ‘weird’ at all, just successfully & wildly creative!

    1. I love my little brother Carol – very much – but he just doesn’t have any understanding or concept of art like me and my sister. I think my sister and I have inherited our artistic nature from someone in the family (not sure who) but my brother hasn’t… ! He is less critical nowadays – mellowed as he’s got older, LOL !! My brother has a wonderful sense of humour, we don’t take his “witty remarks” seriously and sometimes he has me and my sister in hysterics (we laugh till it hurts!) with the things he says, his unique observations on life… !

  4. Ah yes, that strikes a chord – I usually get odd looks from my other half and children as I zoom in on some rusty old gate, flaky paint or lichen and moss! We can all be ‘weird’ together! x

  5. I’m right with you on the need to ignore other people’s comments at times…being called weird is certainly a good sign. The watercolors look like you had fun, a good thing!

  6. How I smile when I read this, Evelyn.
    I remember a time when my children were just little ones. I was going out the door with my camera, when my son asked, “Momma, are you going out to take pictures of broken homes, and dead flowers?”

    I am so enjoying your watercolors!

  7. Lovely cloud studies, Evelyn – very atmospheric. I’ve got quite a lot of sky photos too. I laughed at your brother’s comment – I get this all the time because I like nothing better than to photograph rust and manky old rope and window catches and anything that gets my creative juices flowing haha!! My familty thinks I’m nuts. Thank you for your lovely comments and I’m glad you like my copper card. As for the modern abstract art in our embryonic walk-in pantry, lol lol!!! Earlier in the day I spoke to Gary when he was working on our next-door neighbour’s garden and he’d dug up a tangle of tree roots and exactly the same thought crossed my mind! The blocked up ventilator is changing and getting quite interesting as the concrete dries out. Must take some more photos.


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