A Rainy Day In Scotland

Rainy Day In Scotland - NB

A wet in wet watercolour sketch on 140 lb hot pressed watercolour paper. The majority of this sketch is done with Paynes Grey, with just very tiny hints of Sepia and Prussian Blue. This took me about 15 minutes.

When it rains in Scotland the mountains very quickly blur into the clouds and mist and they still look beautiful. This sketch, my abstract rendition of rain on the mountains, will be stuck into my watercolour sketchbook…

25 thoughts on “A Rainy Day In Scotland

    1. Thank you Claudia – I really enjoyed painting this! There was a temptation for me to keep fiddling with it and I had to stop myself and tell myself “it’s fine just as it is!”…

  1. This is gorgeous, Evelyn. Very like how the rain merges everything in the Scottish Highlands! I love the soft, subtle colours you’ve chosen. It’s beautiful. Thank you for your visit and nice comment – I’m glad you liked my latest card for my hubby. I had a very satisfactory meeting with the carpenter this evening regarding our new pantry and the news is all good! Thank you for your kind words about poor little Phoebe. Beatrice is constantly out in the garden and we think she is looking for her.


      1. Evelyn, you. are a master ! creative, inventive, experimentalist…. risk taker! you may not have used the media of wc as much – but that won’t be a barrier for you. no. not at all! 🙂

  2. I say, Lassie….you have a way with the watercolor (spoken in my best Scottish accent). The simplicity in which you work is very complementary to the outcome. I am impressed with your patience at learning watercolor, Evelyn. Practicing a new skill mindfully!

    1. Thank you Carol – I love the Scottish accent. I love painting with watercolours but it’s not an easy thing to learn so I realise I’m going to need all the patience, persistence and practice I can muster… !

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