Paynes Grey Brushes

I made time for a little creative photography today….

Paynes Grey Brushes
Paynes Grey Brushes

I photographed some of my paint brushes on my desk in my little studio.

I used my 18 – 55 mm kit lens with my Canon EOS 7D. I processed the image in Photoshop. Very simply explained, I desaturated the image so that it was almost black and white but not quite. Then I added two layers of one of my own textures. Finally I sharpened the image and saved it. Done.

I love how the texture layers have given the brush handles a lovely marbled look….

12 thoughts on “Paynes Grey Brushes

  1. This a beautiful photo!
    It’s relatively simple in itself but it’s a marvelous photo because I feel like it captures something emotive, and while real, just a surreal too or maybe it’s because it feels dreamy in some sense or distant in time.
    You captured some fine detail and really put a nice textured atmospheric spin on it and you know..even the title is perfect! And just shows how artistic you are!

    PS: what kind of brushes are these?

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment RaeRae. They are synthetic brushes but very nice ones, made by Royal & Langnickel. They are good for my watercolour work, they hold quite a lot of water…

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