Creative Seascapes

Today I spent a couple of hours redesigning my blog. I’ve been fiddling with different blog designs on and off for months now but I finally found one I liked. A simple clean light design that I can easily customize if I feel the need for a change. I hope you like the changes here….

Here are four post card size creative seascapes. Just loose washes of watercolour in some bright and some pastel seaside colours and they are best viewed large (click on the images)….

Seascape 4 - NBPhthalo Blue, Emerald, Raw Sienna….Seascape 1 - NBA touch of permanent Rose for a slightly evening, dusk touch…Seascape 3 - NBand a little Prussian Blue ~ one of my favourite blues….Seascape 2 - NBThese will all assume their rightful places in my watercolour sketchbook….

21 thoughts on “Creative Seascapes

    1. Thank you Carol! I wasn’t sure if I liked them at first – so I just left them for a while. When I went back to them I decided there were appealing qualities to them, especially if you look at the larger more detailed views…

  1. Evelyn, I keep scrolling up and down trying to choose a favorite, and it is so hard to do so.
    Each one of these is really beautiful, and I love the wonderfully peaceful mood of each one also.
    I think I am going to choose the first one as my favorite.
    You did such wonderful work on these.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Beautiful, Evelyn. I paticularly like the way the blue colour “bleeds” on the last one, giving a lovely watery edge to the sea on the sand. Exquisite!


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