Spring Greens

Do you like eating your greens? Personally I love eating my greens BUT…. painting them is a whole lot more fun….. !!

Spring Greens - NB

I did these watercolour samples back in the spring (hence the title of this post). These lovely shades of green (and some neutrals) were created by mixing 2 blues and 2 yellows. The blues were indigo and Cobalt Teal Blue. The yellows were Lemon Yellow and Raw Sienna. There’s a lovely assortment of beautiful greens here but notice the lovely neutral tones in the two bottom left colour samples – they’re edging toward the grey side which I love….

Seaside Colour Mixing - NB

Above we have mixes of Daniel Smith’s Buff Titanium and Cobalt Teal Blue…

On the top line from the left:  Buff Titanium, Buff Titanium + White, Buff Titanium + Cobalt Teal Blue

On the bottom line from the left: Cobalt Teal Blue, Cobalt Teal Blue + White, Cobalt Teal Blue + more White

I love mixing colours, it’s such a fun thing to do and so relaxing. But it’s also a great way for me to learn how colours mix and react with each other. These colour samples will go into my watercolour workbook…

24 thoughts on “Spring Greens

    1. So do I Jodi… ! I have a sketchbook set aside especially for colour mixing charts – I’ve done about 14 so far but still have lots more I want to do…

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  2. Lovely colour play! I really like the raw sienna and indigo combo! I like to mix Golden’s teal and quinacridone nickel azo gold and also green gold with manganese blue. The possibilities are literally endless!

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa! I love to play with colours – sometimes you get some lovely surprises and you are so right – the possibilities ARE endless….. !

  3. I’ll bet this is such a fun thing to do, Evelyn!
    And the results are so nice.
    I have a small set of watercolors that have never been touched, and I just may have to “play” with them sometime real soon.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Oh do have a play with your watercolours Lisa – I’m sure you’d really enjoy it, it is enormous fun and very relaxing! And you may find you have hidden talents…. !

  4. These particular spring greens are good enough to eat, Evelyn! Such gorgeous, subtle olours. Love ’em all.


      1. Thank you for your two lovely comments on my blog, Evelyn! So glad you like my Infusions album which is making slow but steady progress as and when I get time to do it. Also the kittens! We are mega excited about getting them now.


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