Erosion Bundles

Spring Erosion Bundle 2017 – Fabrics

Here are the fabric results from my spring erosion bundle. I posted the paper results about 2 weeks ago – you can see them HERE. I’m quite pleased with how the fabrics turned out….

EB Fabric 9 - NB

A piece of lacy fabric has been given a vintage make over in my erosion bundle with the aid of some rusty items and pale blue paint…

EB Fabric 9 - close up - NB

Here’s a slightly closer view of the rusty section, looking beautifully vintage….

EB Fabric 8 - NB

Above is part of an armchair arm cover. I has some lovely rust stains on it, plus paint and paper for added texture. Here’s a closer view…

EB Fabric 8 - close up - NB

You can see the paint and paper stuck to the fabric – they are completely fused together…

EB Fabric 10 - NB

Above we have some more very vintage looking lace pieces, stained by rust and teabags….

EB Fabric 1 - NB

Paint and tea stained cotton….

EB Fabric 2 - NB

Gentle rust and dark blue paint stains on some silk…

EB Fabric 3 - NB

More lovely rust stains from some washers and other items…..

Next we have a series of bleach washed denim. I soaked the denim in bleach, rinsed and dried it prior to putting it into my erosion bundle

EB Fabric 7 - NB

EB Fabric 6 - reverse - NB

EB Fabric 6 - NB

EB Fabric 5 - reverse - NB

EB Fabric 4 - NB

My fabrics will be carefully stored till I am ready to use them in  my art work. In the meantime I’m deciding what to put into my summer erosion bundle. I’m going for a different colour scheme and using other things I’ve never tried before. I’m hoping to get it into the garden before the end of the month….

19 thoughts on “Spring Erosion Bundle 2017 – Fabrics

  1. A beautiful bundle! Anxious to hear about and see what colors you use for your summer bundle and how you use these pieces too!

  2. What great results, Evelyn. I particularly like the bleached denim. What sort of paint do you use in your erosion bundles?


    1. Thank you Shoshi! The paint I use varies a bit – sometimes I use acrylic or watercolour paint, sometimes I add pearl mica, sometimes I use left over emulsion or paint from emulsion tester pots…

  3. I love this idea, living with Montana snow and cold, this would be a fun project. Could you elaborate a bit on how you put the ‘package” of paper and fabric together to bury or whatever you did to achieve these results?. Or perhaps list a place where there might be a tutorial?
    Great idea and pictures. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Diane! Very simply, i gather a pile of fabrics and papers, all different shapes, sizes and thickness. Then I gather what I will use to make marks or stains – this is where a little imagination comes in handy. You can use natural products or man made – I use a mixture of both. Paint, cleaning products, rust, tea bags, some food items, plants – anything. Then I just layer it up in any order I like and tie it with string and hang it on my garden fence, or sit it amongst the shrubs! Hope this helps a bit….

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