Surface Treatment Workshop

Surface Treatment Workshop – Week 17

Welcome to week 17 of the Surface Treatment Workshop. This weeks workshop was focusing on using sponges and art foam. I used just sponges. They were just ordinary flat square washing up sponges you buy from the supermarket. I cut them into wavy shapes and stamped them onto painted backgrounds…

Week 17 - Sponges & Art Foam - 1 - NB

Week 17 - Sponges & Art Foam - 2 - NB

Week 17 - Sponges & Art Foam - 3 - NB

Week 17 - Sponges & Art Foam - 4 - NB

I created several layers of colour with my sponge shapes. It’s a very basic technique but it can create some lovely textures and patterns….

21 thoughts on “Surface Treatment Workshop – Week 17

  1. Wow, Evelyn, this is gorgeous! Such a simple idea, but soooo effective. I adore the colours, too. Thank you for your visit – yes, the pantry is coming on fine! I’ve just blogged about today’s progress, and he should finish it tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to start using it now.


  2. Hi Evelyn I follow your blog with interest. I took up photography on my retirement 10 years ago. I am drawn to the creative side of it and now want to explore mixed media. Your work fascinates me and has inspired me to play with watercolours. In this instance may I ask what type of paint did you use with your sponges. Ray

    1. Thank you rayfids! For these samples I mostly used actylic paint but I did also use a couple of emulsion tester pots of paint too that I got cheap from a DIY store – great for experimenting with….. !

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