Surface Treatment Workshop

Surface Treatment Workshop – Weeks 18 & 19

Well I’ve managed to get myself a bit behind with the Surface Treatment Workshop,  so I’m posting 2 weeks together today and still hope to get this weeks workshop done to post later in the week!

Week 18 was about using ventilation tape. Basically it’s a thick self adhesive tin foil and it has a backing you peel off. This is probably something I would never have thought of using for art work…..

Week 18 - Ventilation Tape 3 - NB

This is ventilation tape just screwed up and the backing peeled off and stuck down. I then applied several washes of thinned acrylic paint. The paint sits very nicely in the grooves.

Week 18 - Ventilation Tape 2 - NB

Week 18 - Ventilation Tape 1 - NB

For the above I made marks in the ventilation tape, then peeled the backing off and stuck them down. I made more marks and then applied acrylic paint over the top.

Week 19 of the Surface Treatment Workshop is about embossing. I’ve used molding paste for embossing before and it worked really well, so this time I decided to try something different. I decided to use acrylic Matte Gel Medium and also Fiber Paste.

Week 19 - Embossing 1 - NB

For the above sample I started with a painted background and then applied a thin layer of Matte Gel over the top. I left it to start to dry for about an hour or so. Then I pressed a piece of patterned vintage fabric into it. I carefully peeled it off and left it to dry. The Matte Gel dried transparent so I applied some thin washes of pearl mica over the top to make the pattern stand out more.

Next is the Fiber paste sample…

Week 19 - Embossing 2 - NB

Again I started with a painted background and then applied a layer of Golden Fiber Paste. I left it to start to dry, about an hour or so. Then I pressed a piece of wallpaper onto the left side of the sample, it had a lined pattern on it. It didn’t work quite a well as I hoped but did create some extra texture. On the right hand side I pressed some rubber grip (the stuff you place under mats to stop them slipping) into the Fiber Paste, used some paper to press it into the paste and then peeled it off. This worked  a bit better, you can see the square patterns. I finished with washes of pearl mica to add some extra colour.

So it was an interesting couple of weeks in the workshop, trying different things and covering new ground (well, new ground for me!). The next surface Treatment Workshop is about using glazing mediums – looking forward to this….


21 thoughts on “Surface Treatment Workshop – Weeks 18 & 19

    1. Thank you Karen! Yes, lots of fun and it’s making me try things I wouldn’t have otherwise have tried. And it’s great just experimenting with different art mediums with absolutely no agenda….

  1. Great finishes, Evelyn. I did some foil painting a number of years ago – just using kitchen foil, slightly scrunched up and glued down. You can also press it down over a textured surface and then paint it, which is quite effective.


    1. Thank you Shoshi! I wasn’t all that keen on painting on kitchen foil when we did it in the workshop a few months ago but ventilation tape is a little thicker and stronger and I found it easier to use…

      1. I’ve got a roll of something that sounds very much like this so perhaps I should give it a try. Thank you for your visit and your fun comment about the abstract art in my pantry! Sorry, yes, it’s gone for good, I’m afraid!! My hubby is picking up the stone slab tomorrow while I’m out. A very busy day tomorrow (usual for my Fridays) so I probably won’t get everything moved back till the weekend now. Then it’s all go with the kittens arriving on Thursday!


  2. Evelyn, these are wonderful!
    I really love the way the first two turned out, and the embossing is so unique.
    As always, you choose some of the most beautiful colors for your work.
    Happy day to you, my friend!

  3. I like the strong colours on the foil. Apparently, alcohol inks work well on that surface too, though I’ve never tried it. I’m guessing we could get similar results with just kitchen foil. Great experiments with the gel and fibre paste! They have really toned down the underlying colours to a more pastel tone.

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa! I don’t have any inks at the moment but they’re on my art wish list…. ! Yes, kitchen foil works much the same but it’s a little more fragile to work with.

  4. Love what you did with the insulation tape and texture. I have already seen what Carolyn did and you’ve both done a great job with the insulation tape. I have some texture stuff tucked away at the recesses of the cupboard from the days I did folk art (LOL). You are such an inspiration. Thank you, Evelyn.

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