Surface Treatment Workshop

Surface Treatment Workshop – Week 20

Week 20 of the Surface Treatment Workshop is all about using glazes. I’ve tried to be a little bit inventive with my glazes. I used Windsor & Newton’s Artists’ Acrylic Glazing Medium. Rather than producing lots of separate pieces I decided to do just one and divide it up into sections….

Week 20 - Collage Base - NB

As you can see above I started with a simple collage base, about 6″ x 6″, and you can see that I divided it into 6 roughly equal sections lightly with pencil. My idea then was to try a different glazing technique in each section…..

Week 20 - Glazes - NB

This is what I ended up with! Now let me explain a little about each section…..

Top left: very simple, I just mixed the glaze medium with a tiny amount of sepia acrylic paint to create a vintage looking effect

Top Middle:  I mixed the glazing medium with dried paint scraping from off one of my paint pallets. It created some lovely coloured texture

Top Right:  I created a “dirty” glaze by mixing the glazing medium with rust particles scraped off some of my rust collection. Also on this section I went over the right half with a second coat of glazing medium mixed with a tiny amount of light gold pearl mica. It’s created some lovely grunge/bling texture…

Bottom Left:  I mixed the glazing medium with PVA and heated it with a heat gun to create some texture. I then went over it again with more glazing medium mixed with tiny amounts of acrylic paint

Bottom Middle:  It’s not so easy to see in the photo but for this section I simply mixed the glazing medium with a light gold pearl mica. All the collage is clearly visible but it has a lovely light gold sheen over it

Bottom Right:  For this section I simply layered different coloured glazes over the top of each other to create layers of colour

Please view the larger version of the image by clicking on it and you can hopefully see the details better. I did notice that some of my collage papers absorbed the glaze while with others the glaze just sat on top. This creates different finishes – where the glaze is absorbed the finish is more matte rather than shiny…

I quite enjoyed glazing this week. My glazed collage will go into my dedicated STW Sketchbook. Next week back to some basics again with embedding…..

19 thoughts on “Surface Treatment Workshop – Week 20

  1. Glazing is something I have to try after seeing your samples. My favorite is the paint scrapings… or maybe the dust…or maybe different glazes…or maybe I don’t know any ot them.

  2. Brilliant, Evelyn. I particularly like the one with the bits of scraped off paint – what a cool idea and right up my street – I love using things that most people would throw away! The effect is amazing. Also the one with the rusty bits in it! These are definitely “thinking outside the box.” You are an inspiration!


    1. Thank you Shoshi! I did try to do something a little different with the glazing idea! I’m a big fan of “thinking outside the box” if I can achieve it…. !

      1. Nothing like it, is there! Thank you for your visit – as you can imagine, I am more than thrilled with my brilliant new pantry. Now to start cooking again!!


    1. Thank you Sunnyfae! It’s fun experimenting with different mediums in this way. It’s interesting to see what they can do and in a project like this there’s no pressure to produce a brilliant work of art…. !

  3. I love the way these turned out, Evelyn!
    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think for me it is the top middle and the top right.
    So beautifully done.
    Have a wonderful week!

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