Mousehole Colours & Textures

Mousehole Colours & Textures - NB

Inspirational colours and textures in Mousehole, Cornwall, UK. Soft blues, greens and greys…

Blue Boat Texture - NB

Weathered blues, soft greens, flaky peeling paint and rust….

Harbour Blues & Rust - NB

These colours inspire me….. they make me want to get mixing watercolours in my paint palette and splash colour on paper….

17 thoughts on “Mousehole Colours & Textures

  1. Like you, I simply adore these aqua colours. Evelyn. I also adore photographing stuff like bits of old rope and rusty thing at the seaside and my family think I’m completely bonkers – for them, photography is all about taking family snapshots and pretty views, and there’s me telling people to get out of the photo so I can get the rust or whatever! I went completely bananas several years ago at Bovisand Fort near Plymouth – the most delicious rust you could imagine!

    Thank you for your lovely comment – our kittens really are adorable, aren’t they! Today we’ve noticed a huge difference in how they react to us – much less timid, and they are beginning to show how affectionate they can be. I love them so much already! The trouble is, at the moment, nothing is getting done except kitty dazzling. The place will probably fall to wrack and ruin around our ears…


    1. Thank you Shoshi for your lovely comment! Like you, I’m irresistibly drawn to lovely colours and textures, I can’t help my self…. ! I’m so glad your kittens are settling in well, I knew they would! They couldn’t wish for a better home….

  2. How kind of you to say so! We already love them to bits. Little Ruby has really bonded with me and loves to cuddle up and sleep in my arms.


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