Quick Watercolour Seascapes

Today I managed to find an hour to do a couple of quick watercolour seascape sketches….

St. Clements Isle Watercolour - NB

Above is a watercolour sketch of St. Clements Isle, just off the coast of Mousehole, Cornwall, UK. This is one of those paintings that is best viewed from a slight distance. This watercolour is loosely based on the photo below:


This is the other watercolour sketch I did this afternoon:

Turquoise Seascape - NB

This watercolour is of nowhere in particular and just came straight out of my imagination. I started this by wanting to just use up the left over paint in my palette and it kind of turned into a seascape…

I enjoyed doing these quick seascapes this afternoon. Both measure approximately 6″ x 4″ – just the right size to go into my watercolour sketchbook. Both were done on 140 lb watercolour paper.

26 thoughts on “Quick Watercolour Seascapes

  1. I’m glad I can click to enlarge because I love seeing the mastery of your paint handling. The thicker globs for the cumulus clouds are fantastic, the dry brush for the water texture is, too. And the watery sand, with that completely different texture coming against it, just like a wave edge in the second one – fantastic. A wonderful pair!

  2. I knew this was going to happen at some point here, Edith…I cannot pick a favorite!!!
    Both of these are just truly beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you Beverly. I love watercolour painting most of all too. I’m still very much a beginner with a lot to learn. But I love the way the paint glides across the paper and mingles with other colours. It’s a beautiful medium to work with…..

  3. Lovely seascapes! The sand colour (yellow ochre?) goes so well with the colours of the sea! You’ve captured the whites of the waves beautifully as well! I miss the sea – I may not see it this year 😦

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