Surface Treatment Workshop

Surface Treatment Workshop – Week 21

Week 21 of the Surface treatment workshop is about embedding items into a work surface. Embedding helps to create interesting textures that seem to be custom made to a piece of art work.

I did just one sample for this week and kept it very simple…,

Week 21 - Embedding - NB

I attached a piece of lace fabric to some sketchbook paper with modelling paste and then blended the edges of the fabric into the surface with a bit more modelling paste. I left it to dry and painted stripes of colour over it. The fabric has blended into the paper quite well. Here’s a closer view…

Week 21 - Embedding - Macro - NB

The edge of the fabric blended quite seamlessly into the work surface….

The touch of sparkle is a touch of pearl mica in a shade called Diamond Dust – it’s one of my favourites….

This sample will be added to my growing pile of samples ready for gluing into my STW Sketchbook…..


18 thoughts on “Surface Treatment Workshop – Week 21

  1. You blended the edges of that lace amazingly well! Embedding is such a fun technique! I’ve just realized I have the same book you’re working through. Great idea to try all the different techniques in it. All too often I just leaf through my books and then shelve them. They deserve much more attention!

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa! It’s an interesting book to work through and it’s helping me to discover what I like and don’t like. I feel I have a much better focus now on what I really want to do….

  2. I love embedding. It’s really fun spraying it with ink or painting it with fluid paint as it goes into all the depressions. Your sample is gorgeous – good enough to eat!


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