Surface Treatment Workshop

Surface Treatment Workshop – Week 22

Welcome to week 22 of the Surface Treatment Workshop. This week in  the workshop we were using pours. Pours are created by mixing acrylic paint with different mediums to create a pouring mixture which you then pour onto your art and let it run. Here’s my sample:

Week 22 - Pours - NB

To create pours you can mix the paint with an assortment of different acrylic mediums. I used just a little gloss gel and water with my acrylic paint. The colours I used were: Paynes Grey, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Cerulean Blue and White. I started with a collage base and then let my diluted paint run over it. I like how the colours have run and mingled together. I particularly like how they’ve run over the textured paper in the top left corner. Here’s a closer view:

Week 22 - Pours - Macro 1 - NB

I enjoyed using pours this week and this is something I will do again in the future. Next week in the workshop we’re using shaving foam – it’s going to get messy! But I’m still looking forward to it….

13 thoughts on “Surface Treatment Workshop – Week 22

  1. Love what you’ve achieved with the pouring medium. I have a bottle too, but haven’t found the opportunity to use it yet. I’ve seen videos on YT where they use that stuff in industrial quantities! You need a proper workshop for something like that. I think what has put me off so far is that I didn’t want to mess up my kitchen, but it’s definitely something I will want to try in the future!

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa! This was great fun to do. I’m fortunate enough to have a dedicated room in my home I use as a studio. It’s not huge, but plenty big enough for what I need at the moment. What I found helpful to minimise the mess for this was to use an old plastic table mat. I used it to protect my desk while applying the pours and letting them run. The table mats can be put into the sink and scrubbed afterwards….

  2. Pouring is fun! You never know which way it’s going to go. I love the effect on the textured paper. Gives me some ideas about pouring on all sorts of textures. Of course, to do any of this (your recent posts are really inspiring me!) I’m going to have to stop kitten-dazzling and start doing some art again. My studio is disappearing under a thick layer of dust.


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