Cornish Roof Top Sketches

When I visited my sister in Cornwall a few weeks ago I spent a little time doing some sketching outside the front of her house. As the house is quite high up on a hill you get a nice view of the Cornish roof tops. So I decided to sketch a few.

Cornish Rooftops Pencil Sketches - NB

I used a HB pencil on A4 sketchbook paper. This was good practice for me – I need lots of practice at drawing! Reasonably happy with my basic sketches I started to think about painting them….

Cornish Rooftop Colours - NB

My sketches were going to be painted with watercolours but first I needed to decide on what colours to use. After doing several tests on some spare paper, the colours above are what I chose to use. Cornish roof tops are predominantly grey with lots of yellow lichen growing on them. The chimney pots are lovely – very old fashioned terracotta pots in lots of lovely different shapes and styles…

Cornish Rooftop Painted 1a - NB

You can click on the images to see larger views. I did make a classic beginners mistake when painting these – I diluted my paint slightly too much. Hence the colours aren’t quite as strong as I would like. But I’ll put that down to experience and try to improve on that in the future! On the whole though, I like how my Cornish roof tops turned out. Here’s some closer views…

Cornish Rooftop Painted 2 - NB

Cornish Rooftop Painted 3 - NB

Lots more sketching is on the agenda in the future to hopefully improve my drawing and painting skills…..

17 thoughts on “Cornish Roof Top Sketches

    1. Thank you Sandy ~ it does take practice. I’m trying to put a bit more effort and time into sketching and drawing as I want to improve considerably. Being able to draw much better will help me in my quest to improve my painting skills….

    1. Thank you Jodi! Sketching/drawing takes practice (like most things actually…) and I’m going to try to do a little every day. I’m hoping it will help me in my quest to paint better. You’re very good at “drawing” with a paint brush Jodi – drawing with a pencil (or similar) is not that different….

  1. They came out well – it’s always good to use what’s around you, right? I love the palette! Just as it is, the colors would make a wonderful palette for a print or striped fabric, or something —-

    1. Thank you Lynn. Yes, if you can find inspiration from your surroundings it’s a good thing…. ! The colour palette works really well together but I simply chose colours based directly on what I saw around me….

      1. Oh I figured that, and I’ve long thought about the “rules” I used to hear about what goes with what (especially in clothing, a long time ago) and how that is contradicted in nature.

  2. These look wonderful, Evelyn, and you are truly an inspiration.
    For years, I have wanted to learn to draw (I could not even draw a stick figure correctly!). Finally a couple of months ago, I started a drawing class. It is SO hard for me, but I am making a little (very little!) progress. You inspire me to keep at it.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you Lisa for your kind words. I’m so pleased you’ve started drawing lessons – do keep at it, I promise it will get easier and you will improve lots with persistent practice. Will you share some of your drawings online? I would love to see some….

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