Erosion Bundles

Summer Erosion Bundle 2017

Back in the summer I did a post documenting how I made my latest erosion bundles, you can read about it here. They’ve been in the garden for almost 2 1/2 months. Well, a few days ago I opened them up, carefully separated everything and left my papers and fabrics to dry….

Summer 2017 EB 1 - NB

Lots of rust and berry stains….

Summer 2017 EB 2 - NB

Summer 2017 EB 3 - NB

Summer 2017 EB 4 - NB

The lovely blue/mauve stains above and below are from blackberries….

Summer 2017 EB 5 - NB

Summer 2017 EB 6 - NB

It will come as no surprise that fabrics made from natural fibres (ie. cotton, silk, linen etc.) absorb colour and stains much better than synthetic fabrics. Below are two pieces of blackberry and rust stained silk….

Summer 2017 EB 7 - NB

Summer 2017 EB 9 - NB

All paper fragments, like the ones above, are kept and will be used in a future art project…

Summer 2017 EB 11 - NB

Pearl mica adds some shimmer on the papers below….

Summer 2017 EB 12 - NBSummer 2017 EB 13 - NBSummer 2017 EB 14 - NB

Summer 2017 EB 15 - NB

Beautiful rust stains below….

Summer 2017 EB 16 - NB

Summer 2017 EB 17 - NB

Above and below are both sides of the same piece. They’re actually two pieces of paper fused together, there’s just no hope of separating them. The rust stains are gorgeous. Some rusty washers are still attached. Below you can see some eye shadow and berry marks too. But what really intrigues me though is that round turquoise circle you can see on both sides of the paper. As yet, I have no idea what made that turquoise circle – it’s distinctly washer shaped, so I’m thinking that maybe one of my washers has reacted with something in my bundle. That’s one of the joys of erosion bundles ~ lovely things happen inside them ~ you never know what you’re going to find when you open them….

Summer 2017 EB 18 - NB

Below is some greaseproof paper from the kitchen – it’s quite good stuff to put into an erosion bundle, not too thick and fairly strong. There’s a dried blueberry stuck on it and you can also see some blackberry stains. In the middle on the right you can also see a pattern left by some fabric….

Summer 2017 EB 19 - NB

Below is a piece of bleached denim, it always stains well in an erosion bundle…

Summer 2017 EB 20 - NB

Summer 2017 EB 21 - NB

Below is some rusty jute….

Summer 2017 EB 22 - NB

So these are the results of my summer erosion bundles. I didn’t photograph everything, just the most interesting bits. I’ll have to start thinking about what to do for my next bundle. All these lovely papers and fabrics are going to be carefully stored till I need them. I’m hoping to use them in a new project next year – but more information about that later this year.

34 thoughts on “Summer Erosion Bundle 2017

    1. Thank you Debi. I love opening my bundles to see what I’ve ended up with and there’s always some lovely surprises. There’s definitely art and beauty in decay…. it’s all about just letting nature work it’s magic….

  1. Evelyn, you sure got some beautifully vibrant jewel-like colors in this one.
    Just beautiful.
    I remember the post about how you do this, and it is so nice to see the outcome.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you Lisa – they are autumn colours…. which is what I was hoping for when I made my bundles in the summer…. ! You see, I gave it some thought when I made them and knew it would be autumn when I opened them up and I deliberately chose some autumn coloured staining ingredients….

    1. Thank you Sharon – a new project is starting in the new year, I’m really looking forward to it. I should hopefully be able to use many of my erosion bundle pieces….

  2. They are beautiful. I still have mine outside (I was inspired by your earlier posts on this topic and tried it myself) and will bring them in soon, I think. I am so impressed by your results here.

    1. Thank you Claudia – I’m happy with how they turned out. But remember, I have only shown the best bits here – some of the less interesting bits I will put back into another bundle for some more “treatment”….

  3. Loving those rusty tones! I know the photos sometimes look a bit stronger than reality, but they still must look stunning in real life! Beautiful textures! Pure eye candy! Just think of what you can do with them! Or you can just consume them as they are – no further preparation needed!

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa – I always get a good crop of rusty stains from my bundles. I do try to get the colours in my photos as accurate as possible but not everyone’s PC’s or gadgets are calibrated the same as mine, so other people wont necessarily see them quite the same as I’m seeing them…. but they are lovely and I’m very pleased with how they’ve turned out….

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