Erosion Bundles

Art & Beauty In Decay

Summer EB 2017 Mosaic - NB

This image follows on from yesterday’s post of my Summer Erosion Bundle 2017. It’s a mosaic I created in Photoshop of some of the highlights of my erosion bundle. Notice the lovely autumnal colours ~ rusty browns and autumn berry colours….

When I made my erosion bundle back in the summer I realized it would be autumn when I opened it so I deliberately tried to incorporate things that would create autumnal colours – I didn’t  just throw my bundles together, I did give them a little thought…. !

You can click on the image to view a much larger version and large pictures have gone into my Art Gallery.

There is indeed art and beauty in decay, when nature just left to do it’s thing….


28 thoughts on “Art & Beauty In Decay

  1. your erosion bundle created such beauty! i’ve got one at about 6 weeks right now… how long did you leave it…. so gorgeous!!

  2. Everything here looks gorgeous! Sometimes the most beautiful things are the tattered and naturally distressed! The rusting is my favorite part–adds such dimension, texture, and color!

    1. Thank you Jenny – I love the naturally distressed, tattered papers and fabrics that come from my erosion bundles. And the rust is now an essential part of every bundle for me….

  3. Oh gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Evelyn! Such juicy colours and textures! I really must do an erosion bundle sometime… Thank you for your visit and your nice comment. I’ve not been very active in blogland just recently (ME woes, really boring…) but did manage some studio time yesterday even if it was very frustrating because I made so many mistakes!!


  4. Thank you for your two lovely comments, Evelyn – so glad you like the cards. I do quite like them actually – but close up the finish isn’t as good as I’d have liked… Better next time, hopefully!


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