Beach Colours

There is always a lovely selection of colours and textures at the beach and harbour….

Seaside Textures 4 - NB

Seaside Textures 5 - NB

Above are two sections lovely peeling paint from the same boat, beautifully weathered by the salty sea air. Also on the beach today was something slightly unusual for the UK coast…. Portuguese man o’ war…..

Portuguese Man O' war 1 - NB

They are very beautiful but very toxic….

Portuguese Man O' war 2 - NB

I was very careful not to touch them….

Portuguese Man O' war 3 - NB

The colours are just lovely….

Portuguese Man O' war 4 - NB

Portuguese man o’war are not commonly found in UK coastal waters, they prefer warmer waters….

Portuguese Man O' war 5 - NB

I was interested to learn that Portuguese man o’ war are not a jellyfish they are a siphonophore, a colonial organism – a colony of organisms all working together….

I’m always amazed what you find washed up on the beach….

26 thoughts on “Beach Colours

  1. What wonderful pictures you are sharing today. Plenty of inspiration for you with such lovely colours and textures. The Portuguese Men of War are fascinating.

      1. I would have been amazed. I’m glad you had the camera and the photographs turned out so well – looking at them again, the colors really are amazing. Worth printing the photo or doing a project using those colors maybe.

  2. It’s amazing, the things you find on a beach, also educational because I always thought they were jellyfish. thanks for the info x

  3. Interesting about the Portuguese man o’ wars being siphonophores…I see very similar organisms on the beach on the Florida panhandle when we are on vacation, and always wondered what they were!

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