Creating Watercolour Textures

A little colour mixing fun with watercolours….

Watercolour Textures - NB

I started off with Windsor Blue (red shade) and Indian Yellow. Then I added some Buff Titanium, Prussian Blue and Indigo into the mix. Puddles of colour layered together and left to dry.  Drying took well over 12 hours. You don’t know what your going to end up with till the paint has completely dried. I love the colour mixes and textures – especially the top two ones in the right hand column! These were purely experimental. I actually used a thick smooth surfaced cartridge paper for these but I will try doing more of these colour mixing samples using hot pressed watercolour paper. A fun watercolour experiment which turned out really well. Please click on the image to view it larger or view it in my Art Gallery….

Just as a side note, I will not be doing any more Surface Treatment Workshop due to current family responsibilities.  I’ve really enjoyed this project, learnt a lot from it and experimented with lots of different art mediums which I would not otherwise have done.  It forced me out of my comfort zone! But it is a time consuming project and I don’t have the available time at the moment to commit to it. However, I’m still hoping to start an exciting new project in January with Carolyn, all being well. More info about that later in the year….

24 thoughts on “Creating Watercolour Textures

  1. Those two are my favorites too, Evelyn.
    I will miss your Surface Treatment Workshop posts, but definitely, understand how much time it must take to create those wonderful works of art.
    I wish you all the very best, and I will most definitely “see” you whenever you are here.

  2. so seemingly simple, ‘just some color splashes’ and yet such a lovely study of colors and in letting go. Work like this, deserves to be matted and framed, displayed…. just as much as the other types of art I think!! 🙂 cheers, Debi

    1. Thank you so much Debi. Windsor Blue and Indian Yellow were two new additions to my paint palette and I was just having a play with them really, just seeing what they will do. But I love the results I got and this is a technique I would definitely use again selectively in future art works. My mind is racing with ideas…..

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