Building Bridges

Building Bridges - NB

My lovely brother-in-law Colin treated me to a lovely Jean Haines watercolour book: Jean Haines’ Atmospheric Watercolours. This is my version of the first exercise in the book. The purpose of the exercise was to practice holding the paint brush correctly (not to create a finished piece of work). I found this exercise very useful and now realize that I’ve been holding my brush all wrong!

This was my second attempt at this exercise – the first was a complete dogs dinner! I also used slightly different colours to the ones mentioned in the book. The paper I used was A5 Khadi paper.

This is a very beautiful book and once I open it I find I can’t put it down…. ! I love Jean Haines’ loose way of painting with watercolours. I will share more of my interpretations of the exercises in this book over the coming weeks as I progress through the book.

31 thoughts on “Building Bridges

  1. Gorgeouos, Evelyn! I love your painting. What a lovely present to receive – always nice to get new books! Sorry I haven’t been around much lately but any spare time has been spent knitting socks! A lot of my internet stuff has been neglected I’m afraid…


  2. Ooops – so sorry – meant to say, many thanks for visiting, and I’m glad you liked my latest efforts. I’m hoping to get a bit more time to spend up there in between the sock knitting! The kittens keep us busy too.


  3. gorgeous!! those washes and colors, the luminosity is wonderful E!! Jean Haines is so cool 🙂 khadi paper is fun, and you left lots of white too, brilliant. ps Twinrocker feather deckled – might be a paper you would Love to try. its ultra deckled edges are divine. spendy….. but 1-2 as a treat, Christmas … you know! LOL cheers, debi

    1. Instead of holding the brush like a pencil, you hold it midway along the handle and sometimes right at the end. It’s surprising what a difference it makes – you get much lighter brush strokes. So, I guess the brush is more upright but sometimes you’re using the tip of the bristles to paint with and sometimes using the side, to get different brush marks….

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