New Project

My sister Carolyn and I will be starting a great new project in January. For our new project we are going to be following the 50 weekly prompts from the book The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman. We’re both really looking forward to this and we both love collage.

We shall be posting our collage work every Wednesday starting with the 3rd January – all being well….

I’ve often been asked what I’m going to do with my Erosion Bundle papers and fabrics. Well, this is one way that they are going to be used – they are going into my collages over the next year.

Here’s are some collages I did some time ago:

A Vintage Collage - RN

Above is A Vintage Collage with a diet related theme….


The above collage I called A Winter Rose – created in beautiful warm red and gold colours….

Prints and products of the above two collages are available at Redbubble….

Sepia Collage 2a - RN

And lastly, this collage I simply called Sepia Collage – created for one of my sketchbooks….

I’ve spent ages sorting out all my collage stuff in readiness for our new project – otherwise I’ll never be able to find what I want – and now I can’t wait to get started…


45 thoughts on “New Project

      1. i had another question…. how are you going to approach this? in a journal or separate pieces of paper? cause i’m not sure how to approach it… maybe separate pieces of paper so i can sew the collages when i want

      2. Carolyn and I are going to do ours on separate pieces of paper and I will probably stick mine into a sketchbook. But you can approach it however you prefer – if you want to do them straight into a journal that’s fine, and if you want to do them on separate paper and sew them later that’s fine too….

        Carolyn and I are both fairly laid back with our projects – neither of like to be hemmed in with too many picky rules… ! We’re simply following the weekly prompts in the book as regards weekly theme but the rest is up to us as individuals – so make it your own and do what’s right for you! Also there may be odd occasions when we’re a bit late with posting online, so don’t worry if you get behind occasionally and find yourself playing catch up!

        Just enjoy the fun creative process Jeanne and nice to have you joining in…. !

  1. I always wanted to get into collage, even collected oodles of materials but I never got started, can’t wait to follow along with you. I am knee deep in watercolor to delve into another medium, watching you would be the next best thing. 😊

  2. Great news! I was given a couple of books on Collage for Christmas and have just ordered the one you will be using so that I can “play” alongside! Looking forward to it!

  3. Lovely work above, Evelyn – love the “Fat Girls Diet” piece! And Randel’s book is one of my ‘go-to’ books when I’m a bit stuck for inspiration. Looking forward to seeing your work and following along.

  4. What an exciting project to begin the New Year with, Evelyn, and what fun to do it with your sister, too. It is going to be great to see how you use your erosion bundle stuff. Thank you for your comment on my end of year review post – yes, I feel really good about the weight loss! I do not think you will be alone in embarking on a diet as from today – everyone is suffering from a bit of over-indulgence at this time of year!

    Happy New Year,
    Shoshi x

    1. Thank you Shoshi – I’m really looking forward to this project. It’s a fairly simple project but it’s going to be so much fun…. ! I hope this year brings you plenty of time for art and happy things and less problems…. x

  5. Hi Evelyn! I love your project idea! Can I join in with you gals? I have the book and have been wanting to try the exercises in it! 😊 I will probably post a different day on my blog than Wednesday and some on Instagram. Do you have a hashtag idea for IG? Your collages are all so awesome!! 🎨👍

    1. You are very welcome to join us in our collage adventure Jill. We don’t have a hashtag for Instagram but maybe I should think one up. You can post yours whenever day is best for you. We already have some others joining in. I posted my collages on Instagram as well as my blog. Maybe the IG hashtag could be #thecollageworkbook…. nice to have you on board!

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