Five Minutes

This the first installment of mine and Carolyn’s collage project. The first collage prompt is to create five collages only taking 5 minutes on each one. Five minutes is not a long time so a bit of organization is necessary. I gathered all my materials together first – collage images, papers, glue, scissors etc. I started the timer and away I went….

Lavender Landscape - RN
Lavender Landscape

These collages are all approximately 3.5″ x 5″ in size….

Life Is Good - RN
Life Is Good

Notice I’ve veered away from my usual favourite colours….

Mr Happy - RN
Mr Happy

I’ve decided I’m going to be much more diverse with my colours in this collage project

The Seaside - RN
The Seaside

Notice some of my favourite colours creeping in above, and my love of the sea….

Spring Promise - RN
Spring Promise

I love the soft greens in the collage above, with just small touches of orange and turquoise – lovely colour combinations….

I hope you’ve enjoyed these collages as much as I enjoyed creating them. Collage is a wonderful creative outlet. Collage is something creative that everybody can do – young or old, whether you’re a complete beginner at art or a seasoned artist with many years experience.

And it is so much FUN….

36 thoughts on “Five Minutes

  1. These are wonderful, Evelyn!
    My favorite is the first one. It is so beautiful, and I’m sure it also has something to do with the fact that I absolutely love lavender! 🙂

  2. I was so excited to read about your joint project & am really looking forward to following along with you both. Super collages today. My favourite is Life is Good (love the Kraft paper colour with the red, great words too). Lavender Landscape is so calming. My last project used these colours too. Fond memories. Mr Happy just made me smile. Thank you. The Seaside colours are my go to colours. Where I feel at home. Lastly, & by no means least, Spring Promise, the hope of what is to come. Hope you frame these little beauties.

    1. Thank you Daisy – I enjoyed creating these. It’s going to be a fun project I’m probably going to put my collages into an A4 sketchbook. Nice to have you following alkng….

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever completed a project in five minutes! What a scary thought!! I love the colour palettes in your collages, and it must be fun experimenting. Thank you for your visit, and I am hoping to get time soon to start playing with the new pens, which do seem to have a lot of potential, from what I’ve found out onlline.

    A very happy New Year to you and yours,
    Shoshi x

    1. Thank you Shoshi! I’m really enjoying the collage project – it’s huge fun. Completing the collages in just five minutes each is definitely a challenge – it’s not as easy as it sounds!

  4. these are awesome evelyn!!! love them all – especially the last one and the second one. Loving that you are stepping out of your traditional color palate. You have such a sense of color and style!!!

    1. Thank you Jodi – I loved doing these. I love colour and I’m definitely going to be more adventurous with my colours – both with the collages and watercolours…. !

  5. These are really lovely! Thanks so much for sharing! I find that when I put together scenes in my scrapbook they often come out too busy and with too many layers for my liking. I think having a colour palate is probably a good way to kind of simplify it – You’ve inspired me and I think I’ll try that next time!

    1. Thank you Sophie. I think having only 5 minutes to complete them helps to focus the mind – I didn’t have time to complicate or over think them. Which is probably what makes it a useful first exercise in the book….

  6. Oh, your collages are ALL wonderful, Evelyn!! 👍🎨 I enjoy how you have named each one too! 😃 I love playing with color and doing quick collages like these are so FUN!! I’m in agreement with you! Cheers! 🙌

  7. What a fun activity and a perfect opportunity to go through your scrap box! I’ve never done just purely collages – I always add paint on top, which pretty much obliterates the original layers – but now I can see that they can be an art form in their own right as well, although I think I would find it hard to stop at this point!

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa – I will probably use some paint/pastels/pencils in my collages at some point but they wont completely cover the original collage papers, just hopefully enhance the collage. It is hard knowing when to stop sometimes, like with all art…. !

  8. These are so interesting Evelyn and so different from your sister’s! Very enjoyable post and excellent results from both of you!! BTW, got my own copy of Atmospheric Watercolours today . It is going to be hard to get this quilt finished in time for an entry deadline and it is all YOUR fault!!! Bless you 😉

    1. Thank you Carolynn – I’ll be posting the 2nd edition of the collage project today hopefully. Glad you’ve got a copy of Jean’s book – but sorry about the quilt deadline… ! I’ve nearly finished reading the book for the second time and found it just as inspirational as the first time….

    1. Thank you Sunnyfae – I want to be a little more diverse with my colours with this project. I hadn’t planned the colours for these – they just seemed to come together as I was sorting out my collage material….

  9. I’m going to enjoy following the two of you along on this series. I had a bit of a flap thinking of only five minutes on each, but as you say prep before is the key
    LYNN x

  10. There is always some fresh new ideas to be found here on your blog, Evelyn! I enjoy stopping by to see what you have found to enhance your work, and have fun crafting with. The book sounds like a nice way to get some creative ideas flowing. Thank you so much for sharing, and opening our eyes.

    1. Thank you Beverly – what lovely compliments you’ve given me here. Randel Plowman’s collage book is great for getting some fresh ideas and inspiration for collages. I’m on a journey with my art work, so I’m keen to learn, try new things and of course share my journey on my blog,….

  11. I love the lavender landscape, Evelyn. It has that element of peace and serenity, just like lavender. I might try my hand at college making again but I think I’ll toss the five minute limit. That would be fun in a group setting though. Have a blessed day 🙂

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