24 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons….

  1. Hi Evelyn! Excellent work! Well done, You!! How big are you working? I have an 8” square watercolour block and a couple of pieces of good paper that I am cutting up. I am just curious about the size of your pieces?

    1. Thank you Carolynn – I enjoyed doing this. My watercolours are various sizes. This one is 7″ x 10″ on Saunders Waterford 100% cotton 140 lb paper. I also have some Arches – 8″ x 12″, which I sometimes cut smaller and I love using Fabriano Artistico cotton paper 15″ x 11″ which I cut in half and sometimes smaller. I do prefer good quality paper – it’s worth investing in. I also have recently started using Khadi paper 140 lb. Hope this helps….

      1. Thanks so much Evelyn. That DOES help. On an iPad, even my Mac, it is hard to judge the scale of your work. Have a bit of Arches left but need to get more. Fortunately, we have a good art store just round the corner. Thanks. Happy creating!!

  2. Hi Evelyn, I so LOVE your lemons!! Sometimes less is more and this definitely fits in that catagory! I might have to give this method a try! 🎨👍💕🍋
    PS I have tried the Khadi paper and I love it!

    1. Thank you Jill – I love watercolour, it’s my favourite art medium but I feel I still have so much to learn about it… I love Khadi paper too, the texture of it is wonderful and 140 lb or thicker takes watercolour very well indeed….

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