….with a paint brush. Today I started some practice at drawing with only a paint brush and watercolour paint. No preliminary pencil sketches or lines. Just freehand drawing with a paint brush and watercolour paint.

So with no further waffle I would like you to meet Clifford….

Clifford The Crab - NB
Clifford The Crab

This is just a small watercolour sketch measuring only about 5″ x 3.5″. I painted Clifford on Khadi paper using just one colour, Raw Sienna.  At some point I am going to paint more crabs similar to this one but possibly more colourful and textured – some friends for Clifford!

My next drawing subject was also seaside related….

Ships Wheel - NB
Ship’s Wheel ~ In The Driving Seat

A ships wheel! This sketch is also 5″ x 3.5″ and painted on khadi paper. The colours used were Indigo and Winsor & Newton’s Cobalt Turquoise Light.

I deliberately kept these sketches simple – just simple shapes, lines and simple colours. These sketches are good drawing practice for me and they were fun to do. More drawing with a paint brush will follow in the future….

37 thoughts on “Drawing….

      1. I have visited your blog Carolynn and your watercolour botanical’s are beautiful. I did try to leave a comment on your blog but seemed to have problems with it – my comment wasn’t published immediately and I tried several times, so I apologise if you’ve got several comments queued for approval that all say the same…. !

    1. canson xl is great for all watercolor paints including light to medium washes. This paper only costs 9.99 for 30 sheets and you can get it at joanns for 50% off coupon and Walmart for 5.99.

    2. I painted these on khadi paper, which is 100% cotton, sized and handmade and it’s considerably cheaper than many other good quality watercolour papers. Khadi paper is quite thick and takes watercolour very well and I find it great for practicing on. But I realise that where you live prices may be higher than in the UK, but do check it out. Other than that just buy the best you can within your budget Maureen. I too have a limited budget and have to pace myself when buying art supplies – I could so easily get carried away….

  1. I’m impressed with how beautiful your lines are without a pencil guide. I too like watercolor painting on the Khadi paper – and it is also fun to print on with a gelli plate. 😃 Lovely work, Evelyn! 🎨👍

    1. Thank you Lisa – there was a picture of a ships wheel among some collage stuff my sister gave me at the weekend. Straight away I knew I wanted to paint it but would you believe it took me FOUR attempts to get the shape right – but I’ve learnt and grown in the process….

  2. These are gorgeous, Evelyn. You are really excellent! Clifford is adorable. I look forward to meeting his friends. Thank you for your visit to my blog – I can’t wait to be able to reveal my mystery project!


    1. Thank you ~ I used a #10 Round Sable brush for these, it has a nice point for the details and the belly can hold lots of paint/water for larger areas. I’m learning too and this is good practice for me…..

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