New Colours….

in my palette….

New Colours - NB

Don’t all these colours look good together?

All the colours are Daniel Smith watercolours and from the top the colours are:

Quinacridone Gold – a beautiful rich orange colour

Ultramarine Turquoise ~ a beautiful granulating colour which creates lovely texture with flecks of blue in it….

A mix of Quinacridone Gold & Ultramarine Turquoise

Rich Green Gold ~ I love this colour! It mixes with blues to create lovely ocean greens and on it’s own I would describe it as a seaweed colour (being a person who loves the ocean and everything associated with it). I used this colour in my Stormy Seas painting – all the green shades you can see in this painting were created by the Rich Green Gold mixing with the blues

Prussian Blue ~ my old Winsor & Newton Prussian Blue finally ran out so I replaced it with a Daniel Smith one – a very good replacement!

Colour runs….

Colour Runs - NB

The left hand colour runs are Prussian Blue + Rich Green Gold. The middle colour runs are Ultramarine Turquoise +Rich Green Gold. And the right hand colour runs are Ultramarine Turquoise + Quinacridone Gold – you can see the granulating effect of the Ultramarine Turquoise more clearly here….

More colour runs….

Ultramarine Turquoise Colour Runs - NB

Above left we have Buff Titanium + Ultramarine Turquoise and on the right we have Naples Yellow + Ultramarine Turquoise. The Ultramarine Turquoise is a gorgeous colour – I love it and will feature in many future paintings…

Colour play like this is so much fun and is a good way for me to learn how colours mix and react with each other.

But most of all…. I love colour and seeing beautiful coloured watercolour paints mingle on lovely 100% cotton watercolour paper excites me and makes me want to paint….

23 thoughts on “New Colours….

  1. Beautiful, I paint only with DS colors, I haven’t tried the Ultramarine Turquoise yet, I need to get some. Have you noticed that yellow gold shimmers? I think it has some metallic feature to it, I love it.

  2. Oh some of my faves! I have all but the Ultramarine Turquoise. Love Quin Gold and Green Gold and Prussian Blue though. And love Daniel Smith!

  3. Lovely colours, Evelyn! Are you using tubes or half pans? The Daniel Smith paints are gorgeous, aren’t they! I am also replacing with DS as my W&N tubes run out!!

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    1. Thank you Carolyn – these are DS tubes. To the best of my knowledge DS don’t do pans. But I’m doing exactly the same – replacing my W & N with DS and any new colours I buy are going to be Daniel Smith. They are stunning…. !

  4. These colors remind me of summer! πŸ¦‹πŸŒΌπŸ’• I need to get some of the Green Gold as I love how it blends with the Turquoise! πŸ’šπŸ’™ I enjoyed seeing your color experiments, Evelyn! 😊

    1. Thank you Jill – this colour is actually called Rich Green Gold (by Daniel Smith) slightly different from the Green Gold colour. I love experimenting with colour – it’s fun and educational too…. !

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