Ocean - NB

The beauty and power of the ocean captured in watercolour….

Loose, abstract swooshes of blue and green paint across the paper….

Prussian Blue, Phthalo Blue, Sap Green, White Gouache & touches of Cobalt Teal Blue onย  Fabriano Artistico paper (100% cotton)….

I love the sea and painting it with beautiful watercolours on lovely paper makes me happy….

24 thoughts on “Ocean

  1. This is stunning, Evelyn! Well done. You are lucky to have the sea so near. We have Lake Ontario but fresh water, although wonderful, does not really have the magic of the salty stuff!

    1. Thank you Carolynn – one of the blessings of living on an island is that we are never too far from the sea! And I agree with you – lakes, beautiful though they are, are not the same as the sea….

  2. I live next to Lake Ontario and so many people refer to it as an ocean. I even had some tourists ask me which ocean it was. I also have a cottage on Georgian Bay and because we’re right on the beach it also feels like an ocean because there is only water right up to the horizon. I do agree though that most lakes don’t have the same effect as an ocean. Your painting brings out the saltiness, colour and power of ocean waters.

  3. serene sea colors, livened up with the white splash and spray…. so very evocative Evelyn! love those colors; well, been going through your posts I’ve missed and been loving those too!! had to do some “pinning” on Pinterest, just wow… wish we lived closer LOL

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