Spring Time…. ?

Spring Beach - NB

The photo above I took on Friday (16th March). My mum and I had a lovely stroll along the seafront. The sun was shining, we had temperatures of 13 Celsius and beautiful blue skies. It was the most lovely spring day. Hardly anybody on the beach, it was so quiet and serene. The sand was completely untouched – not a foot print anywhere, it was a beautiful view. Finally spring is coming…..

Then this happened….

March 2018 - NB

Today we woke up to temperatures of -2 Celsius and a blanket of snow! The temperatures plummeted yesterday morning and snow showers started but didn’t last long. Today however it has been snowing since 7 am this morning and very hard for the last two hours and not showing any signs of stopping…. ! I took the above photo in my garden  about an hour ago.  I purposely made sure the fence was in the photo for contrast so you could see the snow coming down. As I type this, it is a proper blizzard outside.

I haven’t ventured further than the back garden so far today but I will be visiting my lovely mum later. Then I may be able to get some photos of the snow across the fields. So it would seem “the beast from the east” (as our last snow storm was called 2 weeks ago) has made a comeback and spring is on back on hold. Crazy British weather…. !!

Now is a good time to stay warm inside and do some painting!

18 thoughts on “Spring Time…. ?

  1. I was confused when I saw your post. I thought I was reading about the weather here in Canada. We’ve had similar weather here. Just when it looks like spring is finally here we’re hit with more snow. Right now it’s sunny and milder but the temperatures are going back down this coming week and with that we could get more snow. A big storm is coming from the west in the States. it’s suppose to miss us but a change in the wind could change all that. We’ll just have to wait and see. The only thing I’m certain about is that spring is coming. We just don’t know when.

    1. I hope you get to keep your Spring Carol – our dodgy weather is due to continue well into April apparently. It’s most unusual weather for where we live in Britain….

    1. Thank you Sharon – I was quite disappointed when it stated snowing. I thought we’d done with winter. And I live in a part of Britain where we usually never get any snow and now we’ve had it twice in one month…. !

  2. Boy, you set the stage perfectly with that first photo and paragraph…then bang! I hope it will all be a memory very soon (if it isn’t already), and Spring can commence in earnest. 😉

  3. The same thing has happened here three or mire times now. Sure wish spring would stay. I’m so excited for it.

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