The Blue Fuchsia

The Blue Fuschia - NB

I bet you’ve never seen a fuchsia quite like this before. If you could buy a fuchsia this colour at the garden centre it would probably cost you a lot of money… !

This painting is based upon an exercise in Jean Haines Colour & Light In Watercolour New Edition but I used totally different colours – creative license… ! Rather than conventional fuchsia colours I used Winsor & Newton’s Cobalt Turquoise Light and Indanthrene Blue. They contrast beautifully. This was painted on Arches Cold Pressed paper and measures 6″ x 9″.

Indanthrene Blue is a new colour in my palette. I have to admit I would have bought the Daniel Smith equivalent but it was out of stock. That said, I’m not disappointed with the Winsor & Newton version – it’s a gorgeous, rich dark blue colour. But it also fades to a lovely pale blue with the addition of lots of water. It also mixes well with other colours and I did a few quick tests in my khadi paper sketchbook:

Indanthrene Blue Mixes - NB

I love all these colour mixes but I especially love the purple shade in the top left corner and the colours in the Cadmium Orange line…

So that’s my watercolour fun for today. Wishing everyone a great creative week ahead…

27 thoughts on “The Blue Fuchsia

  1. So pretty! Light and flittery like fuchsia “earrings”!! Love the blues too. I do not own the Indanthrone but seem to have a pretty good selection of blues now. I may try it in future. Nice work, Evelyn!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Evelyn. You go from strength to strength. I love your colour sample piece too – such gorgeous pretty colours. Thank you for your visit and for your good wishes for my operation tomorrow. I am so glad you like my tag!


  3. gorgeous…. creative artistic license, Yes! love those soft, edges.
    wonderful color chart, indanthrone is a fab color. may pin your chart…. flower too…. lovely! cheers, debi

  4. Beautiful colours – they make me want to break out my watercolours again – I must admit I’ve never heard of indanthrene/throne blue – I must add it to my imaginary dictionary! I love all colours but I have a soft spot for the blues!

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