Blossom Time

Blossom Time - NB

A watercolour sketch of spring blossom. This was based on a video from Maria Raczynska’s YouTube Channel. This was very simple to do and lots of fun… !

It was painted on Arches cold pressed paper and measures 10″ x 7″. The colour used for the blossom was Alizarin Crimson and a little white gouache.

21 thoughts on “Blossom Time

  1. Very pretty Evelyn. This would make a lovely little greeting card. I make my own on Strathmore cards with matching envelopes but I use my photos. I was thinking just the other day that small watercolour sketches would do nicely too!

  2. Gorgeous, Evelyn – as are your beautiful feathers in your previous post. Thank you for your visit and your good wishes for my recovery. I’m definitely better than I was, but still pretty shaky on my feet, and exhausted, but time and rest will take care of that.


    1. You’ve had quite a big operation Shoshi – it’s going to take a while to heal properly. Please don’t overdo things too soon, take it very steady… ! Thank you for your lovely comments about my watercolour efforts…

      1. Thank you, Evelyn. Yes, it wasn’t a straightforward procedure and I do have to be careful, but I can feel myself making progress already. I won’t run before I can walk, rest assured! Thank you for your latest visit and I’m glad you’re enjoying the unfolding of the mini-album – I’ve been dying to publish all those posts for so long! The piano keyboard page is one of my favourites in the whole book. It took ages but so worth while and such fun to do. When our friend first saw it, she gave a whoop of delight when she lifted the flap! It was quite a surprise!

        Shoshi x

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