Today’s Watercolour Inspiration…

Today a lovely post appeared in my blog reader from watercolour artist Edo Hannema. He posted a beautiful watercolour landscape followed by a video of how he painted it. I was completely mesmerised. Here’s a link to the post: http://www.edohannema.nl/wordpress/painting-a-dutch-landscape/. If you love watercolour please check out his blog and YouTube channel. I love the gentle palette he uses and his technique – I can see myself learning a lot about watercolour from him…

Meanwhile, I found time this afternoon to paint a simple watercolour of lavender in a pot. I know it’s been done many times before by many people but I’ve never done it before. And I need to practice…

Lavender Pot - NB

I’m always ever critical of my own work (but much less so of other people’s work… ) and the pot is slightly too big and the lavender not quite big enough. But I’ll put that down to experience. It was painted fast and loose and most importantly it was fun to do… !

Inspired by Edo’s lovely watercolour painting demonstration in the link above, I’m now off to plan some watercolour landscape painting for tomorrow. I need to think about what I’m going to paint, what colours to use, whether I need to sketch anything or a least have an idea of where everything is going to be placed. Enjoy what’s left of your weekend…

20 thoughts on “Today’s Watercolour Inspiration…

  1. Ah, LAVENDER!! Soo pretty Evelyn. Very nice job. You have REALLY caught the pot AND the plant. We are in Tennessee at the moment visiting our daughter et al but today we are storm stayed by a FIERCE winter storm between here and home. Home is a MESS!!! Ice, sleet, snow and freezing tems and 100 km winds! I am SOO afraid for my plants in the garden!! Anyway, keep up the good work! Beautiful! BTW, bought a GORGEOUS little Princeton rigger and some nice paper.

    1. Thank you Carolynn! Hope you’re enjoying time with your family and I hope spring arrives soon back home… !! Meanwhile enjoy your new brushes and paper – have lots of fun with it…

  2. A lovely spontaneous watercolor. There is never a need to critize our own work, there are plenty of critques our there is the worls taking care of that process! Haha

  3. I think we’re all our own worst critics, come back to it in a few days and I’m sure you’ll see the same beautiful painting everyone else sees. x

    1. Thank you Sunnyfae for your encouraging words. And you are so right, I used to do that with my photography work – if I didn’t like a photo I’d taken, I would leave it for a week or two and then go back to it with fresh eyes and it never looked as bad as I previously thought… I guess the same is true with painting!

  4. It’s beautiful. I have been watching video clips on water colors and it looks like a lot of fun. I have never tried it before but I am interested in learning. Thank you for sharing the original clip as well!

    1. Thank you! I love watercolour – it is so much fun. It’s not the easiest art medium to master, but worth the effort. Watercolour painting is so therapeutic and relaxing, calming.
      I love the enormous range of gorgeous colours and the beautiful way watercolour explodes into life when you mix it with water on lovely paper.If your interested in learning do give it a go…

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