Rambling Rose

Rambling Rose - NB

My mission when I got up this morning was to paint roses… after doing a few household chores first of course! I started by following a YouTube video (I wont say which one) but after three failed attempts it clearly wasn’t working for me. So I stopped for a tea break and regrouped. I decided to go back to what I know works really well – Jean Haines tutorials… ! I found the rose tutorial in Jean Haines Colour & Light in Watercolour New Edition book and got started. I didn’t follow the tutorial to the letter but Jean’s instructions got me back on the right track.

So my Rambling Rose above is completely my own creation but created after following Jeans sound advice. It measures approx. 5″ x 5.5″ and was painted on Fabriano Artistico 100% cotton cold pressed paper. The colours I chose to use were Permanent Rose (W & N) and Naples Yellow (DS). The green for the stem and leaves was some left over mixed green left in my palette. The brush I used was a Silver Black Velvet size 10 Round – this is one of my most favourite brushes.

My Rambling Rose was painted loose, wet in wet, with just a few details and definition added after the first wash had dried. This is one of those paintings that looks better if you stand back a a few feet. I’m much happier with this attempt and am now inspired to try some more loose roses…

I hope you all have a creative week ahead!

19 thoughts on “Rambling Rose

  1. Lovely job, Evelyn. I really like your colour choices. They work well together. I LOVE doing roses à la JH!!! GREAT relaxing technique. Have you seen Jean’s blog? I really enjoy it and she has lots of archived posts that you can see too! Thanks so much too for your kind comments on my blog. I’ll be more specific later but I need to get dressed and get rolling now 😊

    1. Thank you Carolynn! Yes, I have seen Jean’s blog – it’s great. I’ve added it to my wordpress reader so I get to see new posts straight away, but I haven’t read any archived posts, just newer ones. Maybe that’s something I might do this evening while watching telly… !

  2. Beautiful! I like how you used the pigment’s tendency to move to the edges to work as shadows and outlines on the petals.

      1. That’s smart. I fight my watercolors to get them to do what I want (probably not smart).


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