Seascape Studies

Some loose watercolour seascape studies…

Through The Mist - NB
Ocean Waves Through The mist

Waves emerging through a distant misty seascape…

A Little Light Swell - NB
A Little Light Swell

This seascape reminded me of a family boat trip we had years ago – we took the boat from Penzance to the Scilly Isles. The day we went was the day after a huge storm. We had brilliant sunshine, blue sky and fluffy white clouds but the sea was very choppy with some huge waves. The captain called it “a little light swell”, hence the title of my seascape above…

Both Studies above were painted loosely, wet in wet mostly. Both measure 19 cm x 14 cm and were painted on Fabriano Artistico 100% cotton cold pressed paper. The colours used were Prussian Blue and Viridian.

Ocean Wave Mosaic - NB
Ocean Wave Mosaic

Above is a mosaic created from seascape attempts I didn’t like. I cut small abstract squares out and glued them onto a piece of white paper.

I love the ocean and it will inspire many more seascape studies and paintings in the future…

43 thoughts on “Seascape Studies

    1. Thank you Carolynn – I love the sea and all things related and no, nothing is wasted! Painting failures can always be used for mosaics like this or collage and mixed media art…

      1. Thank you Melanie! I love to experiment with watercolours and turning creative failures into mosaics is better than binning them and can provide new inspiration… !

  1. That’s amazing – two different seascapes, using just two colours. It sounds so simple, but looks really effective. Were the little samples in the mosaic done with the same two colours as well?

  2. I like how you limited your color palette and achieved beautiful results! 🌊🐚 Your paintings make me long for a day at the ocean… I really like your mosaic too! 🐠🐟🐠

  3. Beautiful depiction of the waves – I can almost smell and hear the ocean! I really like the mosaic idea!

  4. The mosaic works well – I have just sold two books made up using a similar technique so a win win for the left overs!

  5. I have just discovered your blog and am enjoying immensely looking at your photography and experiments with watercolor. Your sense of design and artistic adventure are very compelling. I am now following your blog and look forward to much enjoyment and inspiration. Thank you for sharing your special talents.

    1. Hello Jeff – thank you for visiting. I’m on a mission to learn to paint with watercolours – I’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go… ! I shall enjoy exploring your blog too!

      1. Thank you. I look forward to reading any comments you might have on my work.

  6. I love your style of watercolour painting, Evelyn, and your mosaic is stunning – so you never have to ditch the ones you don’t like!! Like you, I adore the ocean and anything with a sea theme. Thank you for your visit and your kind words and good wishes for my recovery. It was an awful time, but I am doing pretty well now. We’ve had a busy few days with the County Show on Friday (which I did manage to get to!) and some neighbours round to watch the royal wedding with us, and today a family BBQ to go to. I’m pretty exhausted after that lot but haven’t got a busy week ahead so will be able to rest and recover.


    1. Thank you for visiting Shoshi, I’m pleased you’re on the mend. I don’t throw much away, if there’s a chance I can turn it into something new I will!

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