Start Painting!

Start Painting - NB
Start Painting!

A watercolour sketch in my khadi paper sketchbook.Ā  No prizes for guessing which brand of paint these are… ! These tubes of paint were on my desk in my little home studio, they made a great subject to paint. The colours of these paint tubes are Prussian Blue and Buff Titanium.

I enjoyed painting these tubes of paint and I like how my sketch turned out, in spite of it’s imperfections. But I also got some much needed practice at drawing with my paint brush… I’ve learnt and grown from just doing a simple painting like this. Now, what else can I paint… ?

19 thoughts on “Start Painting!

  1. How I love your blog! So very beautiful … love to watch your steps in watercolor. I am also a beginner in watercolors and your steps are really an inspiration for me for learning, thanks for that!

    1. Hello INA, thank you for visiting. I’m so pleased to have inspired you. I absolutely adore watercolour – for me it’s just THE most beautiful medium to paint with. By documenting my adventure into watercolour I really hope I can inspire more people to want to learn to paint, continue learning or to return to it if they’ve given it up for some reason. Do you have a blog or post your work online somewhere? I would love to see your work…

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