Making Waves…

Making Waves - NB

This started out as a colour exercise from a Jean Haines book but it didn’t turn out right. So I just tossed it to one side and started something else. A while later I went back to it and decided maybe I could do something with it…

So I carefully lifted out an area of colour. I added clean water with a clean brush to the area and carefully dabbed of the paint off with a screwed up clean paper towel. No scrubbing! I did this about three times till most of the colour had gone. Then I used my new “white” area to turn a failed exercise into a seascape sketch. I like my crashing wave. When I look at this I can imagine myself stood on the beach, with the wind and sea spray blowing in my face, listening to the sound of the crashing waves…

31 thoughts on “Making Waves…

  1. That’s very effective – captures a crashing wave perfectly! I have had felted ‘failures’ which often get reworked into something else at a later date! xx

  2. Good save, Evelyn! I can hear the waves crashing too and feel the water vapour on my face! Once, in desperation, I held a ruined watercolour painting under the tap to wash all the paint off – miraculously, the paper didn’t rip and I was able to paint over it. Watercolour is a very forgiving medium in that respect!

    1. Thank you Zsuzsa! Yes, good quality watercolour paper is very forgiving and will stand a degree of washing and scrubbing, which is useful for the learner… !

  3. I love it too Evelyn. Infact your blog inspired me to buy Jean’s book. I love to see your name come up in my in-box as I know I am in for a treat.

    1. Thank you Jackie – I’m so pleased you look forward to my posts. I have 3 of Jean’s books now and hope to get her new one sometime soon. – I find her approach to watercolour painting hugely inspiring and her positive attitude is so infectious…

  4. Ooh that’s gorgeous, a real crashing wave, Evelyn! Amazing what you can do to redeem a reject, isn’t it. Well done.


    1. Thank you Shoshi – yes, it’s good practice for me to have a go at lifting out and correcting mistakes as I’m quite sure I’ll make a lot more on my watercolour journey… LOL!

  5. your minimal pallet and blending is very well done. All your works in this style are real standouts. Are any of these works for sale or available somewhere?

    1. Thank you for your compliments James. I’m not selling my watercolour work at the moment but I would like to at some point in the future ~ thank you for showing an interest…

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