Experimental Seascape

Experimental Seascape - NB

An experimental seascape in my Khadi paper sketchbook. The sky is indigo and the sea is a mixture of different blues plus Daniel Smith Rich Green Gold. It looks more effective when viewed from a distance and the real thing looks better than the photograph! I’ve been trying to build up a few light layers of colour without overdoing it. I was tempted to work on this a bit more but I think I’ll leave it as it is…


I’ve also had a little play with Daniel Smith’s Rich Green Gold (not to be confused with Daniel Smith’s Green Gold, a different colour)…

Mixing Rich Green Gold - NB

First I mixed Rich Green Gold with some popular blues. You can see from the chart above I made some lovely green shades. Then I mixed the Rich Green Gold with some reds and made some lovely browns and burnt orange colours. The photograph doesn’t really do them justice. What I’ve learnt from this is that if I want to create some lovely vibrant earth colours then Daniel Smith’s Rich Green Gold is a good colour to create them with…

26 thoughts on “Experimental Seascape

      1. You are welcome, Evelyn! I do love the ocean, too. I am going to paint some seascapes, too – but I am more interested in finding abstractions in my watercolors. I am looking forward to see your upcoming seascapes. 🙂

  1. More fabulous colour mixing and another gorgeous seascape, Evelyn! Thank you for your lovely comment – so glad you like the socks. They will look better once they are blocked. That will be one UFO out of the way anyway… Loads of tech stuff to sort out this week and then hopefully I can tackle the chaos in the studio!!


  2. I recently purchased the color, Indigo (Winsor & Newton) to give a try – I love how you used it here for the sky! And your greens are gorgeous! You make me what to get out my Khadi paper again… 🎨💕👍

    1. Thank you Jill! I love indigo and it’s great for moody, stormy skies. I like Khadi paper – it’s 100% cotton and good for practicing watercolour on…

  3. Beautiful study of sea and sky. I particularly like the vignetting of the dry brush at top flowing into the wet in wet below. It gives a real weight to the sky. And of course , the vibrant color. Brava!

  4. I agree, the earthiness that color adds is just the right touch. I think the seascape has more life with the rich green gold in the mix.
    Today I was looking at paintings done by a Chinese master painter (no longer alive) who did amazing things with mineral pigments like malachite and azurite. Your watercolor has similar tones to those in his later paintings. Hopefully this link will work – if not, do a google image search for zhang daqian

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