Beach Treasures

Beach Treasures - NB
Beach Treasures

I had a lovely long walk along the beach this morning. The tide had pushed the pebbles into piles and washed up some lovely interesting things. I gathered a few shells and decided that I would paint some of them when I got home. The limpets were lovely greys and redish browns and I even found one with a band of green around it…

Above you can see my painting endeavors. On the whole I’m very pleased with my sea shell sketches. I painted straight onto Arches watercolour paper, 140 lb NOT, (29 cm x 18 cm) no pencil sketches! And I do believe that my drawing skills are improving. I guess practice pays off…

22 thoughts on “Beach Treasures

  1. Lovely post, Evelyn! I LOVE shells and have needlepointed them, drawn them but never painted them. Sadly, where I live, there is a dearth of seashells so I must content myself with my saved ones and your lovely painted ones!!

  2. Painting with such definition and detail without pencil sketches must be hard! They look great – I love sea shells!

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