Little Blue Hyrdrangea Flower

Little Blue Hydrangea Flower
Little Blue Hyrdrangea Flower ~ watercolour

A watercolour sketch of a little blue hydrangea flower. This sketch is my interpretation of one of my own photos which you can see below. This turned out not quite as loose as I originally intended it to be but I like it all the same. No pencil sketch for this – I just used my paintbrush to paint the general shape of the little flower and then gradually worked on some details. It’s worth clicking on the sketch to view it larger…

This is my original photo:

Ocean Blue - DIB

I think I will regard this as a practice sketch and have another go at this – try for a looser version and alter the colours a little, it’s all good practice…


14 thoughts on “Little Blue Hyrdrangea Flower

  1. Very nice, Evelyn. I love blue hydrangeas! Mine , which is blue if I add aluminum sulphate to the soil, is NOT blooming so far this summer ☹️ Last winter was too hard. Hopefully later in the summer!! You are doing some lovely work! Well done YOU!!!

    1. Thank you Carolynn – this was fun to paint. I’ve bought 2 blue hydrangeas now and they have both gone PINK!! All of mine are in bloom and the only consolation is that they are all different shades of pink… !

    1. Thank you Lisa – my watercolour work is improving, I can see I’m making progress. I would like to have another try at painting this sometime, I feel I could do better…

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