Sailing - NB

At the weekend I spent some time watching all the different sailng boats coming and going in the bay. I took some photographs and then sat outside to do some watercolour sketches of a few of them.

The photos I took were backlit so the boats were silhouetted. Therefore I painted them with just black watercolour paint – Lamp Black to be exact. The purpose of this exercise was for me to practice getting the shapes of the boats right – not with too much detail, but just enough to identify each sailing boat. I did start off with some very light pencil sketches first.

I enjoyed painting these and it was some much needed sketching practice for me…


12 thoughts on “Sailing

  1. Hi Evelyn! Nice to see you😊 I think you’ve done a great job of those silhouettes. They are very effective. I am starved for a painting “fix” as we have had our darling family and grandboys here for a few days. They are off home tomorrow so I’ll get busy again soon!! Happy painting!

    1. Thank you Carolynn – it was lovely watching the sailing boats at the weekend and painting them. I have family arriving at the end of this week, so my painting time will be diminished somewhat too…

  2. Nicely done! Nice silhouette, too. Details can be overwhelming – I enjoy backlighting to encourage my imagination to fill in the detail.

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